Casino Canada: is there a risk of addiction?

Casino Canada: is there a risk of addiction?

Gambling addiction, especially the casino, indicates an enormously serious danger, acting on:

  • The professional life of the player,
  • but also his personal life.

Depending on the level of dependence, greater or lesser, it is necessary to use the right solution to deal with this scourge.

Being addicted to games of chance is one of the addictions called & ldquo; behavioral addictions & rdquo ;. We are not talking about gambling once during the holidays. Rather, we are talking about an unusual desire to play: the player is as if picked up by a magnet. You no longer react according to your means or the predefined principle perhaps for the holidays. The addiction is so great that you can’t avoid doing it again.

Casino Canada: Would you like more details on casino addiction?

Casino Canada: is there a risk of addiction?

Fortunately, addiction experts are available to help the patient cope. addictologists and shrink are able to distinguish the reasons and help soften the consequences of this pathology. It is therefore necessary to do a test for determining the level of dependency. After that, a follow-up can be established.

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